THE HINDU TEMPLE OF ATLANTA, 5851, GA Hwy 85 Riverdale, GA-30274. Ph: 770-907-7102 [TAX ID: EIN 58-1602137]

Temple Etiquette and Dress Code

Temple Etiquette and Dress Code
  • Our temple is open to all to visit.
  • You do not have to practice the Hindu religion to visit the temple.
  • You can visit at a significant time, such as when a specific service or ceremony is being conducted.
  • You may drop by and observe the temple for yourself, or call ahead and ask for a guided tour.
  • Hindu temples are sacred places to people of Hindu faith, behave calmly and respectfully at all times.
  • Temple grounds are drug free, tobacco free and alcohol free zone
  • You should take a shower or bath before visiting the temple.
  • It’s not necessary to wear traditional Indian clothing to a temple, both men and women should wear modest, conservative clothing to the temple.
  • Wear something that is loose enough for you to comfortably sit cross-legged in.
  • Women should wear a long skirt, dress or long pants.
  • Men should wear business-casual clothing, such as slacks and a button-down shirt.
  • No shorts or short skirts are allowed
  • Presenting offerings to the temple deities is a form of respect. Offerings could be flowers, fruit, clothes or monetary donation.
  • Removing shoes sandals, or any other footwear shows respect for the temple and the deity statues within and is mandatory. Socks can be worn inside.
  • An array of deities and statues arranged around the temple walls. Begin with the deity on your left, continue to walk through the temple in a clockwise direction, pausing before each deity you come across.
  • If you have brought fruit or flowers to offer to the deity, hand each offering to the priest sitting outside the idol’s chamber. Under no circumstances should you enter the inner chamber.
  • Accept “Prasad:” blessed food (always vegetarian) from the priests, which is offered to the deities.
  • Anything the priest gives you should be accepted with your right hand. Avoid taking or giving anything with the left hand.
  • Avoid touching shrines or statues. In Hindu faith, only priests are permitted to touch the statues.
  • Provide a donation, if desired, using donation boxes (Hundi)

For any additional details, please call Temple Manager: 770-907-7102