THE HINDU TEMPLE OF ATLANTA, 5851, GA Hwy 85 Riverdale, GA-30274. Ph: 770-907-7102 [TAX ID: EIN 58-1602137]

About Us

Inception of Hindu Temple of Atlanta

In the late70's a small group of like minded people pondered about having a temple in atlanta. Drs.S.P. Reddy, B.K. Mohan, Shailendra and Hari Upadhyaya met on a few occassions and felt that there should a temple in Atlanta. In 1982 (on new year's eve) during post dinner chat at Dr. Vanapalli's house several members heard each others' views. Drs. Vanapalli, S.I. Naidu, I.J. Reddy and S.K. Naidu agreed to join in the effort. A quiet campaign commenced and Drs. Aruna Prasad, Raghava Reddy, Dronavalli, Mani, Kulkarni, Palghat Mohan and Kuppuswamy were on board. After initial deliberations and after visiting Nashville temple which was then located in a small house, a decision was made to proceed with the project. We thought we each can contribute $10,000 and we can accomplish this goal, happily pray and provide a place of worship for our community and our children. Naivity? You bet. We searched for land and looked at five different pieces of land. Decided on current property because of its elevation and proximity to highways and bi ways. Fifteen of us bought the land from Mrs Jewel P. Quinn for the temple. The land was zoned for temple, thanks to philanthropic minded chairman honorable Charles Griswell and his excellent team of county commissioners.



Then we realized that the funds we thought were adequate, were only spent on buying the land itself. Dr.S.P. Reddy, Dr. Vanapalli and others actively worked on raising funds. The enthusiasm in the community and generous donations made us forge ahead with the project.

The Hindu Temple of Atlanta was incorporated on     October 19th 1984

Very early in the project Sri Sampatkumar bhattar and temple architect Padmasri Muthiah stapathi were consulted and the planing for the temple has begun.


Founding Trustees

Dr. Sarveswar I. Naidu

Mr. Hari S. Upadhyaya

Mr. Shailendra

Dr. Subramanyam K. Naidu

Dr. B. K. Mohan

Dr. Bekki N. Kuppuswamy

Dr. Murugiah Mani

Dr. Palghat V. Mohan

Dr. R. V. Dronavalli

Dr. Raju M. Vanapalli

Dr. Kancherla Aruna Prasad

Dr. I. J. Reddy

Dr. Vasudev Venkatesh Kulkarni

Dr. Subramanyam P. Reddy




Land donors

(5.3 acres of land was donated in October 1986)

Sri & Smt Sarveswar I. Naidu

Sri & Smt Hari S. Upadhyaya

Sri & Smt Mr. Shailendra

Sri & Smt Subramanyam K. Naidu

Sri & Smt B. K. Mohan

Sri & Smt Bekki N. Kuppuswamy

Sri & Smt Murugiah Mani

Sri & Smt Palghat V. Mohan

Sri & Smt R. V. Dronavalli

Sri & Smt Raju M. Vanapalli

Sri & Smt Kancherla Aruna Prasad

Sri & Smt I. J. Reddy

Sri & Smt Vasudev Venkatesh Kulkarni

Sri & Smt Subramanyam P. Reddy

Sri & Smt Raghava Reddy